3 buildings in Nehama: what’s the difference?

We have 3 accommodation buildings: 3, 3A,5.

Lets start with what they have in common: 

  • Bathroom with shower
  • Cozy king-size bed or 2 single bed
  • TV and phone
  • Wardrobe, bedsides tables and chairs
  • Day-night nurse shift
  • Accessible environment

There are standard rooms and comfort rooms in building 3.  This is our first health resort’s building. Here you will find a reception, head doctor cabinet, hydrotherapy and other cabinets.

Building 3 and 3A connected with each other with warm passageway. We have a small library in this passageway. All rooms here are superior. 

On the first floor located a small concert hall, meal room for phytotea, doctors cabinets. On the ground floor located physiotherapy cabinets and rehabilitation swimming pool.

There is an elevator in these two buildings and all rooms have hypoallergenic flooring. Almost every room has an air-conditioning. All healthy treatments our clients get here.

И, наконец, корпус 5 – он находится в 1 минуте ходьбы от 3 и 3А. Зато добраться до корпуса ресторана отсюда быстрее, они расположены друг на против друга.

And the last one — building 5. Its locate 1 minutes away from building 3 and 3A. All rooms here are standard. Building 5 located in front of restaurant.

Restaurant located in freestanding building 4.

Standard room in building 3

Superior room in building 3А

Standard room in building 5

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