About the company

About the company

Health resort “Nehama” is a unique hotel resort complex in Kazan, which carries out rehabilitation by the Israeli methodology and along the programs developed individually for each patient.

Pure forest air, walks along the lake, delicious hot meals in the restaurants of the resort and cozy, comfortable rooms — all this will make your treatment a wonderful recreation. The territory of the resort is equipped with video surveillance system and is carefully guarded.

The health resort implements principles of accessible environment: no-threshold access to premises, ramps, orthopedic beds, etc.

The complex is located in a picturesque forest nook of the Petrovsky settlement, just a 15-minute drive from the city center of Kazan.

The main objective of the “Nehama” sanatorium is a rehabilitation of patients to active life.

Main activity lines of the center:

  • rehabilitation after injuries and accidents;

  • rehabilitation after fractures;

  • rehabilitation after surgery;

  • rehabilitation after a stroke;

  • rehabilitation after serious illnesses;

  • restorative rehabilitation;

  • correction of pathology in the course of pregnancy;

  • sports rehabilitation;

  • weekend tours.

The multifunctional character of the complex enables to organize spa treatment, group visits, camps for children, and weekend spa tours on its grounds.

The center has concentrated modern medical and rehabilitation equipment, it implements innovative technologies focused on the entire spectrum of rehabilitation treatment issues settlement, after-treatment cure and rehabilitation of patients with movement disorders, as well as post-operative and conservative treatment.

You will be thoroughly investigated and assisted by qualified specialists.

Sanatorium “Nehama” in Kazan provides its patients with the opportunity to be treated in comfortable conditions (accommodation in a deluxe double room with the accessible environment means, 4 meals a day).

Book a room 8 843 223-06-39

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