Spa treatment


All rehabilitation, wellness and spa-programs are carried out under the supervision of the best domestic and Israeli experts, using special techniques and the latest foreign equipment.


  • Bio-resonance testing
  • Cosmetology (meso therapy, facial cleansing, exfoliation, bio-revitalization (pharmaco-puncture), hyperhidrosis treatment, leech plastics)
  • Wrapping (chocolate, yoghurt, berries, seaweed, mud)
  • Carboxonium therapy
  • Top-lifting


SPA- services:

  1. Whirlpool baths for upper and lower extremities
    Recommended at neurological diseases, disorders of the blood circulatory system and most often used for rehabilitation in traumatology. The procedure improves blood circulation and muscle tonus.
  2. Purle bath
    The procedure is recommended for people with metabolic disorder, with the Ist stage hypertension, nervous and cardiovascular systems diseases of the, and as the general revitalizing procedure.
    Its unusual name the procedure acquired due to the air bubbles in the water resembling iridescent pearls. The air is supplied with the compressor under high pressure through the grating on the tub bottom, and coming out of special metal tubes it forms a large number of bubbles, which produce a massage effect.
    The water in the pearl bath has a temperature of 35-36o C. The procedure is performed in a supine position for 10-15 minutes.
    Regular application of bubble baths produces a positive recovering effect at nervous overload, stress, sedentary lifestyle; it reduces spasticity of internal organs, normalizes metabolism, improves skin condition, reduces anxiety level, improves sleep and restores blood pressure indicators. Special massage oils in combination with pearl baths increase the therapeutic effect of the recovery.
  3. Underwater shower massage
    It is applied for diseases and traumatic injuries of the muscles, joints, ligaments, peripheral nervous system and musculoskeletal system. The result is the improved blood circulation, cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system condition.
  4. Underwater horizontal traction
    It is used for treatment and prevention of various diseases of the spine, produces analgesic effect, reduces muscle tension, increases range of motion. It is recommended for the syndrome of “chronic fatigue”, for skin condition improvement, weight excess and cellulite control.
  5. Alpha-capsule
    The complex procedure, which includes Vichy shower, heat and vibration massage, aroma- and light therapy. It stimulates toxins elimination from the body, improves blood circulation and increases the emotional and functional condition of the body.
  6. Dry carbonic acid gas bath
    A special bath, which stimulates metabolism in the body slowing down the aging process. It is recommended for patients with cardiovascular diseases and having contraindications to water treatment.
  7. Rising douche
    Applied in the treatment of hemorrhoids, prostatitis, impotence, atonicity of the rectum sphincter, at osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral spine.
  8. Circular douche
    Its effect is comparable to the acupressure. It has softer therapeutic effect than the power shower. It soothes the nervous system and normalizes blood pressure.
  9. Power shower
    Due to the alternation of warm and cold jets of water supplied under pressure, it improves blood and lymph circulation, increases the nervous system tone, heals the immune system and normalizes metabolism. It is recommended for diseases of the nervous and endocrine and musculoskeletal systems.

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