Affinity – recent discovery in cosmetology!

Affinity – new development in cosmetology!

Skin care, ageing control and problem skin treatment.

Affinity is a rejuvenation and treatment method, the latest achievement of aesthetic cosmetology in skin care, its ageing control and treatment.

The Affinity unit was created by Mikhail Tavger, Doctor of Science and an inventor from Kazan. For already twenty years his company brings innovative technology to the world market of cosmetology, skin care and treatment. Affinity uses nanotechnology considering microstructure and function of skin.

Indications for Affinity procedures

  • sluggish, tired skin
  • aging of the skin, wrinkles
  • all kinds of skin hyper-pigmentation
  • thick, oily skin with pores
  • acne
  • skin scars, including post-acne
  • prevention of rosacea

Contraindications for Affinity procedures

  • There are contraindications, as reported by the physician during the consultation

The effect of the Affinity procedures

Skin under the influence of the vacuum during the procedure is pulled into the nozzle of operating handle of the device; it is stretched opening micro flows of sebaceous and sweat glands. Glycolic acid and other medicinal solutions are injected in the deep layers of the skin from the pinholes of the device without damaging epidermis, and a small electrical impulse is served. It stimulates the activity of all layers of the skin; it revives, rejuvenates, tightens, becomes more elastic, smooth, and easier retains moisture. Hyper-pigmentation of the skin is reduced, its color is markedly improved. The scars are gradually smoothed. This process stimulated by Affinity in skin cells lasts for a week, and then one more procedure is desirable. Full Affinity course is chosen by a physician individually and includes a maximum of 5-7 weekly treatments. Skin recovery continues for a month or two and remains for a long-term.

Bright sunlight is not a contraindication for this kind of machine skincare.

With Affinity You are young and beautiful!

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