Bio-resonance body test


Unique diagnostics – Bio-resonance testing.

Why is it necessary?

It helps to identify the disease at an early stage, as well as the hidden flow of pathological processes of organs and body systems.

It is especially important to carry out this test, if you have a range of complaints, the cause of which is difficult to determine.


  • Prevent serious disease
  • Clear cell
  • Restore the immune system
  • Maximize the potential health


Instant testing:

  • examination of one organ or system

A detailed examination:

  • medical history collection
  • a detailed conversation with your doctor
  • consultation and discussion of the available tests, shots and other survey results.
  • prescribing (if necessary)
  • a detailed medical report
  • advice on lifestyle interventions
  • the appointment of treatment

Ladies and gentlemen!

We are pleased to offer you the services of cosmetologist:

  • face and body care
  • peeling
  • face massage
  • masks
  • mesotherapy
  • various wraps

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