Nordic Walking in Kazan

Nordic Walking is becoming increasingly popular in Kazan. It is not fun, is not a simple walk around the city but a serious type of fitness for health promotion, increasing the overall muscle tone and, which is important for many Kazan citizens, this “walking with ski poles” is very useful for weight loss.

As a kind of fitness this walk appeared almost seventy years ago in Finland; that is where it got its name. From Finland, this new kind of useful walk spread rapidly in Denmark, Sweden and Norway due to the huge benefits, which receives everyone who dares to try it.

The reasons for the Nordic walking popularity:

  • At Nordic walking with sticks resembling ski poles, the back muscles and shoulder girdle are perfectly exercised; they work much less, for example, when running!
  • On the other hand, reliance on a stick reduces the load on the knee and hip joints, as well as on the heel bone. This fact allows us to use Nordic walking in diseases of the joints of the lower extremities, heel spurs, gout, etc.
  • As Nordic walking involves a large number of muscles, it burns energy almost one and a half times more than an ordinary walking. Therefore, walking with sticks is recommended to people, who are prone to overweight and / or obesity.
  • High energy intensity during Nordic walking promotes training of the heart muscle (heart rate increases by 10-15 beats per minute).
  • Research has shown that Nordic walking trains the sense of balance and coordination of movements and, moreover, is an ideal way to improve posture.
  • Since Nordic walking involves muscles of the upper half of the body, it, unlike conventional recreational walk increases the tidal volume of the lungs by more than 30%.
  • Clinical research shows that patients who are regularly engaged in this type of recreational physical culture, have a decreased blood cholesterol, improved bowel work; they have a normalized metabolism, toxins are cleared faster, which generally contributes to the overall rejuvenation of the body.

Today, Nordic walking is included into the rehabilitation courses after injuries and musculoskeletal operations, as after only a month of the Nordic walking the patients return to a normal rhythm of life.

One more benefit of Nordic walking worthwhile mentioning, is its medical aspect, as this walk is especially recommended for osteochondrosis; scoliosis; lung diseases (especially bronchial asthma); chronic pain in the back, shoulders and neck; vegetative-vascular dystonia; Parkinson’s disease; psychological problems (neuroses, depression); insomnia; overweight and obesity; at increased risk of osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, hypertension.

Contraindications and recommendations:

There are no contraindications to Nordic walking; it is good for people of any complexion, age, gender and fitness level.

It is advisable to consult with your doctor before the start of training in the presence of serious diseases of the cardiovascular system (angina pectoris, hypertension, etc.).

Regardless of the state of health, the load of training should be increased gradually. For a positive effect from the Nordic walking without bringing discomfort, the beginners need regular exercise, quality equipment and a good instructor.

Of course, walking should be postponed in cases when the bed regime is recommended (acute infectious diseases, exacerbation of any chronic diseases with severe pain, etc.).

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